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Even the healthiest trees in your yard need a bit of tree trimming work from time to time. Trees need to have dead branches and diseased branches cut away to help them be beautiful and have long term health, much like your yard needs to be mowed regularly to help with appearance while regulating pests and fungus. That being said, this is a job that can harm older trees and mature trees if done improperly. You need professional landscape workers who know how to work around overhead power lines and electrical poles. We suggest you hire a professional tree trimmer company to avoid damaging the tree through easily made mistakes such as over-pruning.

Annual pruning is the right thing to do for aggressive growth trees like crepe myrtle. As a licensed and insured tree trimming company, we’re here to help! Offering the best prices and services in town including crown reduction, we provide free estimates on all jobs including storm damage cleanup.

Tree trimming Roswell GA is an art – you don’t want to leave branches too short or ending up leaving them too long. Many DIY tree trimming websites don’t give real world advice. They sometimes don’t give accurate advice on tree trimming average cost – and what to expect to pay. Trimming branches from a tall tree or from large trees (will vary depending on total diameter) takes experience and patience, and each member of our crews work quickly, but with care and intelligence.

The average cost to trim larger trees (60 feet tall for example) will involve a bucket truck (cherry picker), and of course the number of trees to be trimmed.

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What many homeowners don’t realize is that overgrown trees nurture disease and insects, making it necessary to maintain the tree by pruning or trimming it. Also, if your yard is like most in Georgia, you probably have Bermuda grass. Any lawn care expert will tell you that the number one thing Bermuda grass needs to survive is sunlight. By trimming your tree, you’ll allow your Bermuda grass to thrive, beautifully complementing your freshly trimmed trees. Your home will shine once we come in and remove overgrown trees and shrubs. Large branches and smaller branches are all fed into our wood chipper and the sawdust hauled away.

Roswell Tree Trimming Services FAQs

Generally, pruning is the removal of one affected area of a tree – i.e., a dead or unhealthy branch. Trimming is an overall care for the tree that helps it sustain health while maintaining an attractive and beautiful appearance. Trimming is done with care; true professionals will know where to cut, how to cut, and how much to cut. Doing so on your own might lead to damage.

No. Tree topping is harmful to the tree. We recommend professional trimming services in order to keep your tree as healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. A healthy tree has a lesser chance of falling over or requiring removal.

Yes, but we do not recommend this. Over- or under-trimming a tree can be stressful on the branches. Not knowing where to cut or how much to cut might do more harm than good, so always seek professional help or advice when doing work on your tree. Also keep in mind that removing dead or dying limbs without professional experience or equipment can be an unsafe

Georgia Power will provide this service for free; however, they will only cut the branches that are directly near the power lines. For a full trimming service on that tree and others in your yard, contact Trees of Georgia.

This all depends on the size of the tree, its condition, where it’s located, and how many you would like trimmed. For a free, no obligation estimate, reach out to Trees of Georgia today.

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